For immediate assistance, please join the Powder Pack in Second Life® down below.

Do you have to be in the Powder Pack group to receive the pack?

No. The Powder Pack in-world group is for marketing and updates. You may pre-order your powder pack in-world or on the Marketplace. Powder Pack releases one Pack per month, alternating between Catwa and LeLutka each month. The Powder Pack group is the best way to stay up to date on updates and information.

What is Powder Pack?

Powder Pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 mesh head makeup appliers from your favorite brands across the grid! Reserve your Powder Pack in-world or on the marketplace.

What is the cost of Powder Pack?
  • The pre-order price is L$1,500 during the 1st-16th of the month
  • On release day, the 17th, the price is L$2,500 for 24 hours
  • On the 18th, the price then goes to L$3,500 permanently
How do I know what I am getting?

The Powder Pack works like other popular real life mystery/loot crates where the user only knows the brand and types of items they will be receiving. Powder Pack for Catwa will receive Catwa appliers, Powder Pack for Lelutka will receive Lelutka appliers. Some brands choose to include OMEGA appliers as well. Please view Previous Pack’s to see what brands typically include body appliers, OMEGA appliers. No extra support or body appliers are guaranteed. 

How do I know if I have already ordered already?

Please visit the redelivery terminal and see if you have the specific pack you are looking for in your order history. If you require further assistance please use the contact us form.

How do I unbox my Powder Pack?

Your Powder Pack will come to you as a HUD. Simply right click and click ADD, then click each brand and unbox the the appliers. These will come in folders by brand.

I did not receive my Powder Pack/where is redelivery?

If you did not receive your Powder Pack please visit the redelivery terminal. Please note if your Powder Pack was purchased as a gift for you then the purchaser must request a redelivery. If you no longer have contact with the purchaser and would like a manual redelivery please use the CONTACT form to request a manual redelivery.

What are Powder Pack appliers compatible with?

For exact compatibility please view the previous packs page and look at the specific ad’s. Some participating brands include omega compatibility. Please check Previous Pack’s page to understand general compatibility.

Are these items exchangeable or transferable?

Powder Pack items are not exchangeable or transferable. This means only customers who participate in the event will have the chance to own these items.

What do you mean by exclusive?

Powder Pack items are made for the Powder Pack event. Some brands may choose to recolor or create similar pieces, some brands may never sell similar appliers. Brands reserve the right to create similar products and recolors. 

Is this a subscription?

Your pre-order is for the current months Powder Pack event. This is non-transferable and non-refundable. Please be cautious if you are unsure of how the event works and use our contact form to learn more if you are unsure.

How can my brand be involved Powder Pack?

We greatly appreciate your interest, at this time Powder Pack is not accepting new brands.

How can I give Powder Pack feedback?

Please join the Powder Pack feedback form if your feedback is regarding the latest Powder Pack, if it is regarding something else please use the Contact form.

Delivery message error from a Powder Pack HUD?

If you see a message such as this when you click a brand name on your Powder Pack HUD “Powder Pack for Catwa edition HUD (add): brand server unresponsive.” Please wait a few minutes try again. The region the in-world delivery server is located on may be having trouble. If the issue persists, please use the contact us form at the top of this page.

Refund Policy:

Powder Pack does not offer refunds, returns or exchanges of any kind including for mistaken purchases or double purchases. Powder Pack is not responsible for mistaken purchases. Please read the title before you purchase. If you are unsure of any purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to your purchase.